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The LEAN & Green Coaching Program is designed to help organizations realize cost savings, increase revenues, mitigate risk, enhance engagement and strengthen overall competitiveness. By focusing on improving environmental performance, CME’s coaching program supports and accelerates the implementation of opportunities identified in the LEAN & Green Diagnostic. Participation in LEAN & Green Coaching is exclusive to organizations that have completed the Diagnostic component of the LEAN & Green program.


Organizations who participate in the coaching program will receive 5 on-site coaching days. The coaching program will be customized for the organization based on its unique challenges and opportunities. While the coaching will be customized and naturally evolve over time, generally, coaching will focus on:

  • Implementing the opportunities and Go Forward Plan presented in the organization’s                            LEAN & Green Diagnostic
  • Ensuring clear goals and objectives are set around environmental performance
  • Establishing clear KPI’s and metrics to measure environmental performance
  • Engaging employees in the initiative
  • Gaining buy-in from across the organization
  • Building clear business cases for green opportunities
  • Integrating environmental improvements with existing programs and strategies
  • Training staff and management as required
  • Setting up visual boards, communication boards etc.
  • Building internal capacity around Lean and Green
  • Developing systems to sustain and drive future improvements

On-site coaching is complemented with remote coaching calls between the on-site sessions to ensure progress. Organizations also receive tools and resources to support their specific initiatives.


Organizations that have integrated LEAN thinking into their organizations, are mindful of environmental impact and or upcoming changes in the regulatory environment, and have completed the LEAN & Green diagnostic.


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