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Designed for manufacturers who have integrated LEAN thinking into their operations, the LEAN & Green Diagnostic will identify opportunities to reduce costs, generate revenue, mitigate risk and increase competitiveness through improved environmental performance.


Organizations that undergo a LEAN & Green diagnostic will:

  • receive specific opportunities for improving environmental performance, and understand their potential cost savings and other benefit
  • have a general understanding of the payback period for each opportunity
  • be provided with a go forward plan for implementing the opportunities identified
  • receive a benchmarked on overall environmental performance


Completed by a qualified consultant, the diagnostic is performed in three stages:

  • Stage 1 - Pre-Diagnostic Research: Initial research will be completed to gain a basic understanding of the organizations' products, services, operations, market conditions and current environmental performance.
  • Stage 2 - 1 Day On-Site Diagnostic: An on-site diagnostic will be performed to identify opportunities for improved environmental performance, beginning with a meeting with the senior management team to better understand key challenges and opportunities, organizational goals and objectives, customer expectations and overall environmental performance. A detailed facility tour will be conducted with interviews with key staff
  • Stage 3 - Diagnostic Report: A detailed report that will benchmark current environmental performance, document opportunities, identify the potential costs savings, other benefits & basic ROI of each opportunity and lay out a suggested implementation plan.


Organizations that have integrated LEAN thinking into their organizations, are mindful of environmental impact and or upcoming changes in the regulatory environment, and are ready to take the next steps.


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