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Congress 2018 theme

Congress 2018 theme

Gathering diversities | mâmawinitotân nanâtohk-ayisiyiniwak

“Gathering diversities” reflects the University of Regina’s dynamic growth in post-secondary education and research, welcoming peoples from within Saskatchewan, across Canada and around the world. This theme honours the history of the area as a traditional place of gathering, evoked in Regina’s original name, Wascana, or oskana kâ-asastêki – where the bones are gathered, referring to the region’s heritage as rich buffalo hunting grounds for a multitude of Plains cultures. Today, at the University of Regina, and arguably for people everywhere in Canada, education is our new buffalo.

‘Gathering’ evokes the idea of bringing people together in the spirit of building community. Diversity, in turn, is what has allowed Saskatchewan to thrive even in times of economic adversity, emerging as a national leader in resource development, population growth, social progress and Indigenous education. The way forward for Canada and for all Canadians is to continue gathering diversities. Congress 2018 at the University of Regina will add momentum to this endeavour.