Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics

Association #53
Canadian Society for the Study of Practical Ethics (CSSPE)
Conference dates: 
Saturday, May 26, 2018 to Monday, May 28, 2018
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The CSSPE/SCEEA is committed to the study of all the major areas of practical ethics as well as to addressing ethical issues and concerns which arise in the humanities, social sciences, sciences, professions, and other areas of activity and learning. We invite submissions for papers and presentations on any topic in applied ethics and applied politics, broadly understood.


philosophy; political science; women's studies; law

Updated: 2018-04-16
Call-for-papers deadline: 
January 15, 2018
President's Reception: 
May 27, 2018
Program Chairs: 

Andrew Molas, York University; Dianne Lalonde, University of Western Ontario

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