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“Shards of Memory”: An interactive app/artwork

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“Shards of Memory”: An interactive app/artwork

Saturday, May 26, 2018

15:00 - 16:30
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Riddell Centre - RC 286

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General public
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University of Regina

Our memories trace our unique life stories, and link us to one another. When our memories are forgotten, the bonds that unite us may be weakened.

“Shards of Memory,” an iPhone app and interactive sonic artwork by Jason Cullimore, seeks to reinforce our shared histories and promote empathy, through the augmentation of real spaces with music and sound. The sonic environment has two components. First, it features authentic, verbalized memories that are uncovered when the user enters the area of campus where they were formed. Second, it generates an interactive score which, like a film score, intensifies the emotions projected by the memories.

This app is one of the first soundtracks for the real world, an interdisciplinary project where music and technology work together to reveal our commonalities. At this event, Cullimore will present a functioning demo of the app, and give a talk on his interdisciplinary creative process.