Congress Code of Conduct

Congress Code of Conduct

The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (the “Federation”) works actively toward the creation of a welcoming, diverse, and inclusive global community of scholars and practitioners, and is therefore dedicated to the creation of a safe, respectful, and collegial experience for all attendees of the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences (“Congress”).

It is the policy of the Federation that all participants in Congress activities are entitled to enjoy an environment free from all forms of discrimination, harassment and retaliation. The Federation is committed to providing an atmosphere that encourages the free expression and exchange of ideas, as well as open, critically engaged, and often challenging discourse.

As such, the Federation is dedicated to the philosophy of equality of opportunity and treatment for all members, attendees,  contractors, and volunteers at Congress, regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion or religious belief, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disabilities, veteran status, and regardless of any other reason not related to academic merit. Intimidation, exploitation, violence or harassment —be it physical, sexual or psychological or otherwise — is a form of misconduct that undermines the integrity of Congress. Unsolicited physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention, and bullying behavior are likewise unacceptable. 

Violators of this policy will be subject to sanctioned disciplinary action, which may include prevention from attending or expulsion from Congress.

Questions or concerns

If you have questions about this Federation policy, or are concerned you are or will be the subject of harassment at an upcoming Congress, please contact a Federation representative at The Federation will investigate and address all concerns, complaints and incidents in a fair and timely manner, while respecting attendee privacy as much as possible.  Such investigation may involve internal and/or external resources as appropriate, including the host university administration.

In the event that an attendee, contractor or volunteer has been made to feel unsafe or unwelcome at a Congress event on campus, the Federation will rely on the policies and response protocols of the host university. 

Specifically regarding Congress 2018, please contact the University of Regina Campus Security at 306-585-4999 to report an incident. 

For further information on the University of Regina’s policies and protocols go to:

Download Code of Conduct PDF.