Work at Congress

Work at Congress

The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences is recruiting nearly 120 paid short-term contract workers to support the delivery of the 2018 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Regina from May 26 to June 1. 

The application period to work at Congress has now closed. Please see opportunities to volunteer at Congress instead.

Apply here (now closed)

Who is the ideal candidate?

  • An individual with flexible availability (from May 24 to June 1).
  • Personable, motivated, adaptable and able to follow directions.
  • Must be legally allowed to work in Canada.
  • Ability to speak in both official languages (English and French) an asset.

What can you expect?

  • Hourly rate of $12.00, paid by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • An average of 30 work hours over a span of 6 days, with shifts ranging from 6-8 hours.
  • A Congress t-shirt you can keep as a souvenir.
  • When not on duty, workers can browse the Congress Expo, attend sessions open to Congress attendees, and network with influential professors and researchers attending Congress.

Application timeline:

  • Applications will be accepted until March 9, 2018.
  • Interviews will be held during the week of March 19 to 23, 2018
  • Formal offers of contract employment will be issued mid-April.
  • Successful candidates are required to attend a (paid) orientation session on May 24, 2018.

Questions? Contact Lindsay DenBoer by email or at 613-238-6112 ext. 311.

Positions are available in the following areas:

Association Assistants

Association Assistants are assigned to a specific association to support them with various administrative tasks. Associations can recommend students from their department.


  • Staff association greeting tables
  • Provide attendees information on the association’s meetings and events
  • Distribute association programs, publications, flyers, brochures
  • Assist with room set-up or changes as requested

Skills: Good people skills, excellent communication skills; ability to speak some French is an asset

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Congress Amateur Photographer

The Congress amateur photographer will help the Federation capture the essence of Congress in photos. Over the course of the seven days of Congress, a certain number of sessions/events each day will be assigned for coverage.


  • Take photos based on a provided shot list
  • Ask subjects for permission to use photos, and signature on a photography consent form, when there are three or fewer people
  • Clean out duplicates and reject photos
  • Upload photos to a drop box or external hard drive provided by the Federation at the end of each day of work

Skills: Some experience in action photography of people, crowds and busy places. Ability to move around confidently during an event to get good photographs, angles and expressions. Comfortable speaking to strangers, asking them for consent to be photographed, and encouraging them to stand in a specific spot or manner.

Equipment: Access to own quality digital camera is essential, including cords to download photos off the camera.

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Congress Bloggers

Congress Bloggers will help the Federation build awareness of interesting programming by drafting compelling blog posts about Congress events. Over the course of the seven days of Congress, bloggers will be required to complete a minimum of three event assignments (additional assignments as time permits).


  • Attend events of interest as identified by the Federation
  • Write blog-style content on the event’s academic topics for the Congress 2018 Blog
  • Capture photos of the event for use in the blog
  • Plan out and conduct informal interviews with researchers as necessary

Skills: Quality writing skills in English and/or French (ideally both), experience with blogging, ability to meet tight deadlines, ability to work creatively and independently, comfortable with interviewing researchers. Experience writing about academic topics is an asset. 

Equipment (optional): Access to a camera or mobile phone with camera. 

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Congress Tweeters

Congress Tweeters will help the Federation engage online audiences by generating thoughtful, original tweets related to Congress events. Over the seven days of Congress, tweeters will be assigned to attend a certain number of events per day, depending on scheduling.


  • Attend and actively listen at events identified by the Federation
  • Tweet comments on the session’s content
  • Tweet meaningful quotes/statements by speakers
  • Tweet photos of the event, venue and speakers
  • Use Federation-suggested hashtags and handles
  • Actively retweet Federation tweets while on duty

Skills: Excellent knowledge of social media, experience with Twitter, writing skills in English and/or French (ideally both), ability to work quickly, creatively, independently and with good judgement.

Equipment: Access to own phone with data capability (Wi-Fi connection) and a twitter account.

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Dispatch Officers

Dispatch Officers work in the Information Centre and facilitate the main dispatch lines for Congress attendees and association organizers.


  • Monitor and respond to radio and phone communications received from Info kiosks and Logistics Monitors
  • Triage issues and questions (catering, AV, and furnishing queries, etc.) for reporting to the appropriate department
  • Work in online software and Microsoft documents to confirm association queries
  • Record problems and resolutions on Issue Report sheets.
  • Keep track of room changes and related updates for notification

Skills: Excellent communication skills and problem-solving skills; ability to work under pressure and use computer/search functions; must be able to speak clearly to be understood on the 2-way radio

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Event Logistics Assistants

Event Logistics Assistants provide logistical support for Federation-led events such as Big Thinking, Career Corner, Congress Expo and Expo events.


  • Assist Federation coordinators with daily set-up, take-down and coordination of various events
  • Communicate via 2-way radio with the Info Centre dispatch to address issues/problems on site
  • Oversee signage changes
  • Assist speakers with loading PowerPoint presentations to computers
  • Track attendance numbers when required
  • Respond to exhibitor requests (Expo assistant)

Skills: Ability to work under pressure, well organized, excellent problem-solving skills and good computer skills; ability to speak French is an asset.

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Exhibitor Assistants

Exhibitor Assistants are responsible for assisting a contracted exhibitor with their booth needs at the Congress Expo. This is done either on a full-time or part-time basis.


  • Assist with set-up and tear-down of the booth
  • Give out information to attendees as directed by the exhibitor
  • Assist the exhibitor by selling products and/or taking orders
  • Restock products or promotional material for the booth
  • Fill in for the exhibitor when they are not present

Skills: Good people skills; retail experience is an asset; ability to speak French is an asset. Some exhibitors may require candidates to perform heavy lifting.

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Information Centre Assistants

Information Centre Assistants help with the organization and service of the Information Centre and the Info Desk.


  • Answer attendees’ questions at the Info Desk
  • Monitor contractor sign-in and help facilitate equipment sign-out process
  • Manage day-time luggage storage
  • Post signage and special notices as needed
  • Facilitate program pickups and update program information for registered attendees
  • Assist attendees with special needs
  • Assist with all other jobs and act as runners as needed

Skills: Good with the public, customer-service oriented, and ability to use computer/search functions. Ability to speak French is an asset.

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Logistics Monitors

Logistics Monitors are assigned to a building where associations’ sessions are taking place to assist association organizers with logistics.


  • Oversee conference support station for associations in an assigned zone
  • Act as liaison with the Congress organizing team
  • Help association meeting organizers with questions or problems regarding their meetings rooms (catering, AV, and furnishing queries, etc.)
  • Perform daily rounds to monitor assistance needs within assigned zone
  • Communicate via 2-way radio with the Info Centre dispatch to address issues/problems on site

Skills: Good people skills, excellent problem-solving skills, must be able to speak clearly to be understood on the 2-way radio; ability to speak French is an asset.

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Media Room Assistant

The Media Room Assistant will be responsible for assisting the Federation’s communications staff in the Congress Media Room.


  • Respond to inquiries (phone, email, in-person) from members of the media, as directed by Federation staff
  • Assist in contacting researchers on site (via email and telephone) to set up interviews using an online scheduling tool
  • Accompany media to locations on campus when looking for specific sessions/researchers
  • Be prepared to suggest stories from Congress programming to walk-in media based on areas of interest and availability 
  • Retweet hired tweeters and other social media influencers active on Twitter, as directed
  • Monitor Media Room, interview room, computer stations and occupants

Skills: Ability to interact professionally with members of the media. Strong written and verbal communication skills, and ability to perform online research. Experience in administrative or customer service roles preferred. Some experience with Twitter and ability to speak French would be an asset.

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Registration Clerks

Registration Clerks will assist with all duties as assigned by the Registrar at the Congress Registration Desk.


  • Process on-site registration
  • Assist with registration package pick-up
  • Work with an online database and process credit card and Interac transactions
  • Print out name tags and hand out Congress bags
  • During down-time, workers may also be asked to assist the Information Centre.

Skills: Good customer service skills and ability to speak French is an asset; comfortable working with computers and database software; must also be able to process credit card and Interac transactions efficiently.

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