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If the same event (same content, speakers, etc.) will take place on multiple days, this is considered a recurring event. Please only submit one form, and select the ‘recurring event’ checkbox below.
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Please note that if your event is in English only, you do not have to provide a French title, and vice versa. Keep your event title short (ideally less than 10 words), clear and informative to catch attendees’ interest. Avoid academic paper titles or the name of your association's conference. See FAQ.
For events that are bilingual, please provide speaker titles in both languages. Ex: John Doe, Professor of History, University of Regina | professeur d'histoire, Université de Regina
Please note that if your event is in English only, you do not have to provide a French description, and vice versa. Provide a description for this event, exactly as you wish it to appear in the online events calendar, and clearly identify any key topics being covered. Please note that event descriptions will not be published in the Congress Essentials guide. Do not include the speakers' titles. Good descriptions are brief (less is better!), interesting, and informative. See FAQ.
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Please note: the Federation will use the following information to identify reconciliation-focused events in the Congress Essentials guide and in the online calendar of open events.
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