Apply to work at Congress

Apply to work at Congress
Instructions and eligibility
To apply as a short-term contract worker for Congress 2018, complete the form below. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Note that you must be legally allowed to work in Canada in order to be eligible for a position. Those who are not cannot be considered.
Contact information
Select all positions that you are interested in applying for.
The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences respects, appreciates and encourages diversity, including that of physical ability. Physical ability will NOT be used to determine eligibility to work at Congress.
By providing further details here, we will be better able to match you with an appropriate position suited to your abilities. For example, tasks that are required for some positions include: sitting for long periods, standing for long periods, using a computer, using a telephone or walkie-talkie, walking/traveling between buildings and across campus, lifting boxes, pushing a heavy cart.
Location awareness
Including building layouts, surrounding streets and available amenities and services.
Including the public transit system and local attractions.
Select all that apply
Experience and qualifications
Excellent communication skills in English are required for all positions. Some ability to speak French is an asset. Please indicate all languages in which you can communicate below
English *
French *
Including Microsoft Office (Excel, Word), saving and copying files, USB usage, internet searching, etc.
This information will be considered for Congress Blogger applicants. Short-listed applicants will be asked for writing samples.
In 100 words of less, please outline a personal statement that shows how you are qualified for the positions which you have applied.
Most shifts for Congress workers take place during the hours of 7:00am to 5:30pm. Please indicate your preferred shift time(s).
Please select all days which you are available to work during the Congress period.
Note: this will NOT affect your eligibility for a paid positon.