Plan your trip

Plan Your Trip

Plan Your Trip

Welcome to Congress! The Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, the University of Regina, and our 70+ associations look forward to welcoming you to Regina, Saskatchewan.

This section provides information to help you plan a successful trip to Congress:

  1.  Register for Congress!
  2.  Book your accommodations. A large number of residence and hotel rooms are available in the area at special Congress rates.
  3.  Book your travel to Regina. Discount codes are available with national airlines, or purchase a bus ticket or book a car rental.
  4.  Sign up your kids for child care services so they can enjoy the Congress experience too!
  5.  Review your options for local transportation between campus, hotels and the surrounding area.
  6.  See what amenities are available to you at Congress 2018, especially food outlets and recreation.
  7.  Plan out your tourist stops.
  8.  Don't forget to regularly check the online calendar of open events to decide what events to attend at Congress!

Maps of campus and of the region are available here.

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